EPIC 5:2 Bio Stimulant Fusion

Bio Stimulant Mixture For Superior & Sustained Plant Health

Long studied 5:2 has bought the new age of modern farming. More effective methodology and the way mother nature intended! The perfect ratio sees efficiency increase 50 percent more than either substance alone. Age-Old leonardite rock combined with the equally adaptive biodiversity of the deep, this product significantly increases the growth, resilience, blooms, and overall yield. Epic – 5:2 likened to a symphony in its abilities to supply and create demand for your ever evolving rhizosphere.

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What makes Epic 5:2 so great?

The 4 Core Benefits

Epic 5:2 focuses on increasing the quality of your grow for indoor and outdoor applications

Eliminates Nutrient Deficiencies

Plants thrive in conditions where nutrients are readily available. Your medium may already contains these nutrients, be it amended beforehand or administered through a program. EPIC 5:2 contains over 70 trace elements, as well as a catalyst for the up-take of both macro/micronutrients. Reduces salt build up in the root zone and creates more soluble nutrients.

Stress Resilient Plants

Plants are commonplace for pests and diseases looking for an easy target. EPIC 5:2 does not by any means act as a pesticide in this manner, however, plants that have EPIC 5:2 introduced from seedling and young vegetative state will naturally be a lot stronger and more resilient, solving a broad spectrum of pest issues. Plants then become inhabitable to these commons pests, plant munching bugs find our plants to be unpalatable. They thrive in colder weather and stand strong in the blistering summer heat.

Increase Plant Yield

Plants tend to grow faster and better when conditions are favourable. EPIC 5:2 in many ways ensures your plant is stress-free. From beefing up your microbial activity, increasing nutrient uptake, breaking down excessive salt build-up in the soil, creating favourable conditions for the root zone, increasing photosynthesis, increasing pest resilience and buffering Ph, EPIC 5:2 will have you smiling with the final results!

Enhanced Root Health

Your plant health will mirror above ground and below. Epic 5:2 contains natural growth hormones – auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins that are responsible for dramatic root growth to set the stage for that perfect branch development. Symbiotic relationships can see enzymatic reactions increase a thousand times.

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How to Epic?

Follow our simple application tips for happy gardening!

Foliar Spray

An application of EPIC 5:2 in a foliar spray during vegetative and early flower weekly
will see your plants sky rocketing in growth and resilience. ¼ tsp per 5L Water PH’d to 6.

Soil Drench

To ensure your microbes are well fed and performing at optimal, create your
traditional nutrient solution and add in EPIC 5:2 ¼ teaspoon (premixed in water dilution) per 5L Solution PH’d to 6. Add deliberately, EPIC 5:2 will not cause burn.

Soil Amendment

Planning to amend your soil? Epic 5:2 will provide great benefit when transplanting and will limit the need for application until early flowering. Evenly distribute ¼ cup per 50L of soil mix. Mix in thoroughly.

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